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Tim Castle & The Southern Rock Band are the ultimate culmination of Southern hospitality mixed with years of talent, determination and an unwavering passion for music. The band’s collaboration of Country, Southern Rock and Classic Rock N’ Roll always delivers an electrically invigorating and extremely entertaining performance that captivates audiences and leaves them wanting more!

Tim Castle

Fitting every bit the part of the man in black, Tim Castle, lead vocalist and guitarist, has been a performing musician for many years. Early on, Tim was inspired by many musical artists such as Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt, The Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and The Eagles. 


With his versatile-sounding voice and irresistible deep tones, Tim creates a perfect blend of Country and Southern Rock. This country boy has shared the stage with national recording artists such as Johnny Paycheck, Roddy McDowell and most recently Nashville's newest recording artists John Crabtree and Nathan King.

Bobby Mason

In October 1967, a young boy, Bobby Mason, got on stage with his father's band and some would say he never grew up. Whether it's traditional country, country rock, southern rock...Bobby's not only played it, he's lived it. Bobby's strong passion for music is evident when you hear how he sings and plays every song from the heart with that one of a kind finger-picking style and a finely-tuned voice that can be compared to a fine wine. Bobby's energy and excitement is as strong today as that young boy was when he first got on stage with his father's band in 1967. Bobby has played passionate music not only as a lead guitarist and bassist but also as lead vocalist for many groups, inclusive of The Fire Creek Band, Apache Band, The Regulators, and Still Kickin'.

Jeff "Doc Hock" Hockenbery


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Jeff “Doc Hock” Hockenbery, bassist and retired firefighter/paramedic, grew up with a strong passion for music that has consistently evolved over the years. Jeff tells the amusing story of how his musician career started…some of the teens in high school were beginning a rock band and he desperately wanted to be one of the “cool guys” so he tried out for the band. There was no place for another guitar player so Jeff took on the only available instrument…the bass. Being young and inexperienced, he assumed it was a large upright bass bigger than him but was vastly relieved to find out it was actually an electric bass…and the rest, as they say, is history.


Jeff's strife for perfection to be the best he can be at whatever he does has been recognized in his music ability and performance on stage. From the first band “Census IV” where he was also backup singer, Jeff went on to the “APB Band” led by Jim Snell, who helped Jeff fine tune his bass-playing skills. Influenced by many local musicians such as Jim Snell, Larry Gates, Ron Garver, Darwin Conley, & Asa Mcghee as well as local bands and many big bands, Jeff has also frequently filled in with “Backwoods Band” and was a member of “Posse Band” for many years before becoming a member of the “Southern Rock Band”.


The combination of the harmonically rich vocals of Jeff, Tim and Bobby is nothing less than amazing and an experience not to be missed.

Mike Sparks


Mike's parents agreed to let him take up drums in the sixth grade band with the stipulation he not tap on anything else in the house...or else!  He bought his first drumset at 14 and taught himself to play to rock and roll records.  Times and music have changed but those early influences can still be heard in his simple, solid rhythms.  He has played in a variety of band and venues ever since, living proof you can do what you love and still have a day job.

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